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Latest image from the web camera near USGS 01049320 Kennebec River at Calumet Bridge at Augusta, Maine





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Water Resources of Maine

Real-Time Streamflow Sites

Current streamflow conditions in Maine; click to go to a live map.
Map legend showing percentile class groups.

Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Web page for the water resources of Maine; this is your direct link to all kinds of water-resource information. Here you'll find information on Maine's rivers and streams. You'll also find information about groundwater, water quality, and many other topics. The USGS operates the most extensive satellite network of stream-gaging stations in the state, many of which form the backbone of flood-warning systems.

The USGS provides current ("real-time") stream stage and streamflow, water-quality, and groundwater levels for over 130 sites in Maine.

Quick Link to Real-Time Data

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Monthly Hydrologic Conditions Report

Maine Data Highlights

2010 Water Data Report Now Available

Annual Water Data for Maine home page.The 2010 USGS Water Data Report is now available to provide a snapshot of water conditions for a given year. The report includes text and map interfaces that can be used to identify and access an area of interest, locate sites where water data were collected for various Water Years

Instantaneous Data Archive (IDA)

Instantaneous Data Archive for Maine.The Instantaneous Data Archive makes available as much intra-day streamflow data and historical instantaneous data continuous (measurements from every 5 to every 60 minutes), as possible, often several years' worth of data.

Featured Project

Flood innundation map interface.

Flood inundation map interface.

Ft. Kent, Maine Flood Inundation Mapping - Flood inundation maps developed for Fort Kent, Maine depict estimates of the areal extent and depth of flooding corresponding to selected water levels (gage heights) at the USGS streamgage, St. John River below Fish River at Fort Kent, Maine (station 01014000) and the USGS streamgage, Fish River near Fort Kent, Maine (station 01013500). Current gage heights at these USGS streamgages may be obtained on the Internet at Forecasted peak-gage-height information, available from the National Weather Service, may be used in conjunction with these maps to show predicted areas of flood inundation.

Recent Publications

The New England Water Science Center, Maine Office produces publications about water resources.

U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5151
Dudley, R.W., 2015, Regression equations for monthly and annual mean and selected percentile streamflows for ungaged rivers in Maine: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5151, 35 p.

U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5104
Lombard, P.J., and Bent, G.C., 2015, Flood-inundation maps for the Deerfield River, Franklin County, Massachusetts, from the confluence with the Cold River tributary to the Connecticut River: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5104, 22 p., plus appendixes.

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2015-1062
Lent, R.M., Hodgkins, G.A., Dudley, R.W., and Schalk, L.F., 2015, Framework for a hydrologic climate-response network in New England: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2015-1062, 34 p.

U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2014-5236
Lombard, P.J., and Bent, G.C., 2015, Flood-inundation maps for the Hoosic River, North Adams and Williamstown, Massachusetts, from the confluence with the North Branch Hoosic River to the Vermont state line: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2014-5236, 16 p.

U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5049
Lombard, P.J., and Hodgkins, G.A., 2015, Peak flow regression equations for small, ungaged streams in Maine--Comparing map-based to field-based variables: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5049, 12 p.

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Real-Time Air Temperatures via Google Maps

New Maps Deliver Current Air Temperatures

Example of Google Map showing temperaturesWe recently added a Google-Map based Web page to deliver map-based current surface-water-resources conditions in Maine.
(References to non-U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) products do not constitute an endorsement by the DOI. By viewing the Google Maps API on this web site the user agrees to these TERMS of Service set forth by Google.)

The maps utilize zoom and pan to allow you to focus in on the sites that interest you. The maps show current air temperatures. By hovering your mouse over a site, a popup box shows the most recent stage and streamflow.

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01054200: Flow=75cfs,Stage=2.75ft,2016-12-07 01:45,10-24,Wild River at Gilead, Maine 01049265: Flow=5010cfs,Stage=6.73ft,Floodstage=17ft,2016-12-07 01:15,10-24,Kennebec River at North Sidney, Maine 01038000: Flow=69cfs,Stage=2.26ft,2016-12-07 01:45,10-24,Sheepscot River at North Whitefield, Maine 01069500: Flow=139cfs,Stage=1.23ft,2016-12-07 01:45,25-75,Mousam River near West Kennebunk, Maine 01066000: Flow=3090cfs,Stage=4.75ft,2016-12-07 01:45,25-75,Saco River at Cornish, Maine 01064500: Flow=687cfs,Stage=3.46ft,Floodstage=9ft,2016-12-07 01:45,25-75,Saco River near Conway, NH 01057000: Flow=100cfs,Stage=3.12ft,2016-12-07 01:15,25-75,Little Androscoggin River near South Paris, Maine 01055500: Flow=248cfs,Stage=2.14ft,2016-12-07 01:45,25-75,Nezinscot River at Turner Center, Maine 01055000: Flow=88cfs,Stage=1.73ft,Floodstage=7ft,2016-12-07 01:30,25-75,Swift River near Roxbury, Maine 01054300: Flow=156cfs,Stage=5.98ft,2016-12-07 01:30,25-75,Ellis River at South Andover, Maine 01052500: Flow=270cfs,Stage=2.99ft,2016-12-07 01:15,25-75,Diamond River near Wentworth Location, NH 01048000: Flow=689cfs,Stage=4.09ft,Floodstage=12ft,2016-12-07 02:00,25-75,Sandy River near Mercer, Maine 01047000: Flow=499cfs,Stage=4.07ft,Floodstage=15ft,2016-12-07 02:00,25-75,Carrabassett River near North Anson, Maine 01046000: Flow=101cfs,Stage=4.81ft,2016-12-07 01:30,25-75,Austin Stream at Bingham, Maine 01034500: Flow=9480cfs,Stage=4.27ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-07 01:30,25-75,Penobscot River at West Enfield, Maine 01034000: Flow=1560cfs,Stage=3.27ft,Floodstage=13ft,2016-12-07 01:15,25-75,Piscataquis River at Medford, Maine 01031500: Flow=500cfs,Stage=3.11ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-07 01:30,25-75,Piscataquis River near Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 01030500: Flow=2160cfs,Stage=7.20ft,Floodstage=13.5ft,2016-12-07 01:15,25-75,Mattawamkeag River near Mattawamkeag, Maine 01022500: Flow=514cfs,Stage=9.23ft,2016-12-07 02:00,25-75,Narraguagus River at Cherryfield, Maine 01014000: Flow=5150cfs,Stage=5.13ft,Floodstage=22.5ft,2016-12-07 01:30,25-75,St. John River below Fish R, nr Fort Kent, Maine 01013500: Flow=1290cfs,Stage=4.43ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-07 01:45,25-75,Fish River near Fort Kent, Maine 01011000: Flow=1060cfs,Stage=2.96ft,Floodstage=15ft,2016-12-07 01:00,25-75,Allagash River near Allagash, Maine 01010500: Flow=2310cfs,Stage=4.99ft,Floodstage=25ft,2016-12-07 02:00,25-75,St. John River at Dickey, Maine 01010000: Flow=1510cfs,Stage=2.46ft,2016-12-07 01:00,25-75,St. John River at Ninemile Bridge, Maine 432742070225401: Stage=1.20ft,2016-12-07 01:42,Not ranked,Saco River at Camp Ellis near Saco, Maine 01073785: Flow=28cfs,Stage=4.75ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,WINNICUT RIVER AT GREENLAND, NR PORTSMOUTH, NH 01072870: Flow=100cfs,Stage=4.38ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,ISINGLASS R AT ROCHESTER NECK RD, NR DOVER, NH 01072800: Flow=100cfs,Stage=3.59ft,2016-12-07 01:00,Not ranked,COCHECO RIVER NEAR ROCHESTER, NH. 01069700: Flow=18cfs,Stage=1.83ft,2016-12-07 01:45,Not ranked,Branch Brook near Kennebunk, Maine 01068910: Flow=39cfs,Stage=1.37ft,2016-12-07 01:45,Not ranked,Mousam River at Route 4 near Sanford, Maine 01067950: Flow=41cfs,Stage=3.16ft,2016-12-07 01:45,Not ranked,Kennebunk River near Kennebunk, Maine 01064118: Stage=4.65ft,2016-12-07 01:15:00,Floodstage=15ft,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,Presumpscot River at Westbrook, Maine 01063995: Stage=263.32ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Sebago Lake near North Windham, Maine 01063310: Flow=1.9cfs,Stage=4.075ft,2016-12-07 01:45,Not ranked,Stony Brook at East Sebago, Maine 01059000: Flow=3510cfs,Stage=3.31ft,Floodstage=13ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Androscoggin River near Auburn, Maine 01054500: Flow=2570cfs,Stage=4.01ft,Floodstage=15ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Androscoggin River at Rumford, Maine 01053500: Flow=1210cfs,Stage=1.96ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Androscoggin River at Errol, NH 01049505: Stage=-0.03ft,2016-12-07 01:00,Not ranked,Kennebec River at Gardiner, Maine 01049500: Flow=396cfs,Stage=4.23ft,2016-12-07 01:45,Not ranked,Cobbosseecontee Stream at Gardiner, Maine 01049320: Stage=-0.03ft,Floodstage=12ft,2016-12-07 01:12,Not ranked,Kennebec River at Calumet Bridge at Augusta, Maine 01048220: Flow=31cfs,Stage=3.07ft,2016-12-07 01:00,Not ranked,East Branch Wesserunsett Stream near Athens, Maine 01047200: Flow=28cfs,Stage=4.46ft,2016-12-07 01:00,Not ranked,Sandy River near Madrid, Maine 01047150: Flow=3590cfs,Stage=4.28ft,2016-12-07 01:45,Not ranked,Kennebec River near Madison, Maine 01046500: Flow=2990cfs,Stage=7.64ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Kennebec River at Bingham, Maine 01044550: Flow=235cfs,Stage=3.11ft,2016-12-07 02:00,Not ranked,Spencer Stream near Grand Falls, Maine 01043500: Flow=915cfs,Stage=5.09ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,Dead River near Dead River, Maine 01042500: Flow=942cfs,Stage=2.53ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Kennebec River at The Forks, Maine 01037380: Flow=36cfs,Stage=2.61ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Ducktrap River near Lincolnville, Maine 01037050: Stage=-0.63ft,Floodstage=11.6ft,2016-12-07 01:06,Not ranked,Penobscot River at Bangor, Maine 01037000: Flow=319cfs,Stage=4.43ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Kenduskeag Stream near Bangor, Maine 01036390: Stage=4.69ft,Floodstage=18ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,Penobscot River at Eddington, Maine 01031510: Flow=55cfs,Stage=3.50ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,Black Stream near Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 01031450: Flow=138cfs,Stage=7.04ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,Kingsbury Stream at Abbot Village, Maine 01031300: Flow=140cfs,Stage=4.62ft,Floodstage=11ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,Piscataquis River at Blanchard, Maine 01030350: Flow=71cfs,Stage=3.12ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,Wytopitlock Stream near Wytopitlock Maine 01029500: Flow=1280cfs,Stage=5.52ft,Floodstage=13ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,East Branch Penobscot River at Grindstone, Maine 01029200: Stage=5.49ft,2016-12-07 02:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Seboeis River near Shin Pond, Maine 01027240: Flow=530cfs,Stage=4.23ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,S. Br. Penobscot River nr Canada Falls Lake, Maine 01027200: Flow=396cfs,Stage=4.94ft,2016-12-07 01:45,Not ranked,North Branch Penobscot River nr Pittston Farm, ME 01022840: Flow=2.7cfs,Stage=1.892ft,2016-12-07 01:25,Not ranked,Otter Creek near Bar Harbor, Maine 01021480: Flow=33cfs,Stage=4.19ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,Old Stream near Wesley, Maine 01021470: Flow=10cfs,Stage=1.85ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,Libby Brook near Northfield, Maine 01021060: Stage=4.40ft,2016-12-07 02:00,Not ranked,St. Croix River at Calais, Maine 01021000: Flow=2080cfs,Stage=5.99ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,St. Croix River at Baring, Maine 01019000: Flow=147cfs,Stage=1.88ft,2016-12-07 02:00,Not ranked,Grand Lake Stream at Grand Lake Stream, Maine 01018500: Flow=328cfs,Stage=4.10ft,2016-12-07 01:15,Not ranked,St. Croix River at Vanceboro, Maine 01018035: Flow=221cfs,Stage=2.55ft,2016-12-07 01:45,Not ranked,Meduxnekeag River at Lowery Rd. nr Houlton, Maine 01018009: Stage=2.311ft,2016-12-07 01:30:00,Not ranked,Pearce Brook at Route 1 at Houlton, Maine 01017960: Stage=3.39ft,2016-12-07 01:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Meduxnekeag R above S Br Medux. R nr Houlton, ME 01017550: Stage=1.453ft,2016-12-07 01:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Williams Brook at Phair, Maine 01017290: Flow=231cfs,Stage=3.93ft,2016-12-07 01:30,Not ranked,Little Madawaska River at Caribou, Maine 01017000: Stage=2.53ft,2016-12-07 02:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Aroostook River at Washburn, Maine 01015800: Stage=5.81ft,2016-12-07 01:15:00,Floodstage=17ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Aroostook River near Masardis, Maine 01010070: Stage=5.04ft,2016-12-07 01:00:00,Floodstage=12ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Big Black River near Depot Mtn, Maine Go to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options